Jake Michael Mumma

23 03 2013

IMG_1049Well, a few weeks ago I became a dad; below is my little man, Jake. He is so much fun already and I believe I’ve done good work here. So what does this mean for you, my 5 blog followers? Well, expect more material based on fatherhood and tons of parenting stories that are hilarious to me but bore the socks off everyone else. I can’t wait.

I took two weeks off from work to hang out with this guy and I have loved it. Some men would tell you that they could never stay at home full time with their kid(s). I am not that guy. I would love to stay home full-time. I could totally be a Mr. Mom and while I admit I’d probably be fairly mediocre at it, I would love trying. Certainly, my child would miss out on some so-called “essentials like: stimulating arts and crafts, regular diaper changes, and a consistent diet and feeding schedule. But, I would make up for it with TONS of cartoons, a ridiculous amount of popsicles, and at least 6 naps per day. I will need to figure out the whole regular income and healthcare thing but I’m excited about the future.

I’ve been taking some time off from the stage but I do have some shows coming up in a few weeks so check out the upcoming shows page for those dates.




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