Settling in…

29 01 2013

Idesktop items seriously think I forgot that I have a blog. Most people use twitter or Facebook to communicate to the world but not me, I’m old school.  I still communicate with the world by writing a blog every three months that four people read. I’m at peace with it.

I have been super busy; I started a new job in October and I have a baby due in five weeks. I still manage to muscle some folks into letting me on their stage as well but time has been at a premium lately. Apparently, babies need a lot of stuff; And, apparently, I did not realize this. People keep telling me things like, “your life is going to completely change” or ” get ready cause you have no idea what you’re getting into.” I certainly appreciate the reality check but honestly, I always expected my life would change and I’m pretty sure I won’t know what to do when it does. It seems fairly logical. I mean, someday soon a middle-aged jewish man (our doctor) or a small Vietnamese lady (our other doctor) is going to pull a small child from my wife’s womb, clean it off, and then hand it to us and say, ” alright this is yours now.” On paper, this appears to be a pretty daunting task. Personally, I can’t wait.

I’m settling in folks. I did the math today and I am 33% of the way to my federal govt retirement. The picture above pretty much sums up my life at this point; I eat apples at my desk, I keep protein bars in my office so it looks like I’m healthy, and I’m good for probably 2-3 hand sanitizing sessions per day. I’m getting some gray on the sides, I continue to lose hair, and all my ties have stains on them. I went to bed at 10:30pm last Friday and 11:00pm on Saturday. I actually said, “I really need to powerwash that siding…” to my wife over the weekend. My favorite material possession right now is the new umbrella a co-worker gave me and I have been obsessed with granola for the past year.

I need a kid, people. This baby will justify my propensity for taking multiple naps during the day. He will legitimize my hesitance to leave my house…ever. When people ask me why I never post on Facebook or why it takes me three days to text them back, I can now simply respond, “the kid.” This makes sense to me.

Most people hate rainy days. I love them, always have. I think the main reason why I like them is because they eliminate the worries and anxieties of life…at least for me. There is very little expectation from anyone when it rains. Why didn’t you do anything yesterday? “Well, it rained all day so….” That’s good enough for most people. And, if you actually do something when it rains, people think you are some sort of hero. “You did what? …in the rain?” Yes, I did do that….in the rain, because I’m awesome.

I will actually venture out of the house this coming Saturday to perform on a showcase at the DC Improv (Check my upcoming shows page). The show starts at 8pm and I’m looking forward to slinging some jokes. Some of my friends will be on the show as well and this old guy is looking forward to catching up with them. The show is in the lounge, which only holds 60 people, so it will most definitely sell out. You should consider this an entertainment option for your Saturday night. And, if it rains, we will be heroes!




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