Who has 4 thumbs and 2 receding hairlines? …these guys!

14 03 2012

I just got finished with a tiring yet splendid, yes splendid, weekend of comedy. I featured for Kevin Pollak at Magooby’s Joke House from Thursday through Saturday. All the shows were fantastic although the late Saturday show holds a special place in my heart for being extra….special. Kevin is a tremendous character actor but he got his start as a standup comedian. After working in over 50 feature films, he is still hitting the stage when he’s not acting. Pretty cool.

I have to say that everytime I work Magooby’s the club gets better. The owner, Andrew Unger, is constantly making upgrades. In just the past year I’ve seen changes in the lighting, the sound, new paint job, show production, new green room, club policies, and promotions. He pays attention to all the small details  that help comedians and make their work much easier. Nicely done, sir.

On Sunday, I stopped by the DC Improv to catch old buddy Rory Scovel and new buddy, Todd Glass. I met Rory at the 5th open mic I ever attended and amazingly we have managed to keep in touch over the past 7  years. Rory has pretty much been on the road for the better part of 5  years and his hard work is paying off. In just the past year he was on Jimmy Fallon, Conan, two national commercials, and just filmed a comedy central presents. Yet, he is still the same silly, humble guy. Love him.

Rory is also good friends with Todd Glass. I opened for Todd my 3rd year of comedy but it wasn’t until a few months ago that we actually hung out. Todd Glass may be the silliest person I have ever met. He may also be the most fun person on earth. He has the ability to basically make friends with the entire audience in an hour. Its difficult to explain but I encourage all 11 of my blog followers to check him out next time he is in town.

Here is a teaser clip of the PBS show “The Truth About Money” show that was filmed at the DC Improv last week. Money!




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