Upgrade to awkward.

22 02 2012

I went skiing this past weekend with actor/comedian/ladies man, Sean Gabbert. When checking into the resort, the clerk was happy to let us know our room had been upgraded to a suite but we’d still be getting the regular rate. Sean joked, “I hope it’s a honeymoon suite.” The clerk proudly confirmed that it was indeed a honeymoon suite equipped with a jacuzzi and sauna. I coyly replied, “hopefully, it’s a heart-shaped jacuzzi..” Again, the clerk proudly replied, “yes, it does have a heart-shaped jacuzzi along with a king bed.”

So basically what you’re telling me is that you upgraded us to awkward. As you can see, Sean and I did not share the jacuzzi but we did share the bed. Sean is also a sleep talker but this weekend he was  more of a sleep yeller. I kept waking up wondering why he was so angry with me.

I love to ski but I typically only go a couple of times a year so I never reach expert level. Still, I managed to not hurt myself which for me is a huge accomplishment. Skiing is an incredibly humbling sport and I think the main reason for this is not because it is particularly difficult to do but more because little kids are really good at it. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I was plodding my way down a black diamond when a 10-year-old comes flying past me while hitting every single jump on the slope at about mach 3.

Speaking of awkward, I’ve got some one nighters coming up in Virginia. As a comic, you just never know what to expect when you get booked at one of these shows. Best case scenario: the “comedy show” is held in a separate room and contains the basic requirements; a mic, a sound system, a stage, a light, and audience members. Worse case scenario; no mic, no sound system, performing right in front of the bar with the basketball game being showed directly overhead. I remember years and  years ago I did an open mic with no sound system so the comics just held a mic in their hand with no cord attached to it. Hahaha! I’m literally LOLing at this wretched memory.

I just came up with my next blog idea….hell gigs. I’m going to recount my top 5 worst gigs ever and dedicate one blog per gig and count down from 5….this should be fun.




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