Please David….please

13 01 2012

Last Saturday night I performed on an audition showcase for the Late Show at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. The lineup was really good and some of my personal favorite local comics were on the show. Additionally, the show was well attended and the crowd was great. I thought all the comics did well and Herbie Gill did a nice job hosting. I was happy with my set and enjoyed my 6 minutes of stage time. Am I going to be booked for Letterman anytime soon? No. Did I think I would be? No. But, I did get to talk to the Late Night comedy booker and received some nice feedback from him afterwards. Without going into details, apparently, I’m funny but with only several new comedians booked per year…I’m not cracking the lineup. I’ll take it.

I also performed at the Drafthouse’s Friday night showcase in front of a medium energy crowd of 14. The show was alright…there was some fun to be had with the crowd. There was a tall, white, d-bag standing by the bar during the show and I did not care for his face. He tried talking to the other comics a time or too and he definitely fell into the “I’m gonna play with the comics a little and impress the girl I’m with” guy. It didn’t work. He never really engaged with me although I was secretly hoping he would. His face was annoying and I was a little surly that night. It’s probably for the best though…I didn’t feel particularly funny that night and I’m nearly positive that “surly Jon” wouldn’t have won the crowd over.

Happy News: I received a callback audition for the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival in February. I’m very excited about this. The JFL Festival is a holy grail of sorts to young comics and being invited to it would definitely be a nice landmark for my career. Honestly, I’m pretty happy just to receive the callback invitation because it shows I’m progressing. Plus, it’s an excuse to spend a weekend in New York City and catch up with some old friends. This guy…excited.

I’ve got some cool shows coming up so check my schedule page for the links. I am at the Arlington Drafthouse yet again this weekend featuring for Ian Bagg on Friday and Saturday night. I was on a showcase many, many years ago at the Hollywood Improv and Ian was hosting that night. I guarantee he doesn’t remember me but I remember him. He talks to the crowd….a lot. And, he’s very good at it. If he can see you, he will talk to you and he will make it funny. I’m also headlining the Avalon Theatre in Easton, MD next week. My good buddy, Mike Way will also be on the show and working with him is always a pleasure.

I’ve got some fun projects coming up but I will save that news for future blogs. I have been writing quite a bit lately and will be checking out locals shows more often over the next couple months to work on the material….so, check out Ri Ra  bar and grill or Topaz hotel if you want to witness the evolution of a mediocre joke.




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