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19 12 2011

Seriously, how scared are you right now? That’s Alonzo Bodden and me playing bouncer at the DC Improv. I’m fearless. Mostly because Alonzo is a large man with an intimidating presence and he’s standing next to me. I was considering smack talking strangers just to see how they would react…I’m pretty sure that as long as we appeared to be friends, there would be no back talk.

My week with Alonzo was an absolute pleasure. He is a true veteran of the craft, a gentleman, and extremely funny. He attracts a fairly diverse audience of race, age, and sex which typically makes for a good audience. We did six shows and I had fun on every single one of them. The audiences were pretty tame and most of the shows were sold out. I did experience a new type of heckler on the Saturday late show. Periodically throughout my set, as I was telling one of my tales, an inebriated woman in the front row would say to me, ” Not true, didn’t happen,” and then she would lean back in her chair with her arms folded and stare at me condescendingly. I actually found this hilarious. I’ve experienced all types of hecklers; the belligerent drunk, the jealous boyfriend, the attention starved socialite, the obnoxious bridal party, the “I’m funnier than you” guy, and the incredibly rare “I have a mental disorder” person. But, this lady changed the game. I’m not really even sure what to call her….the “I don’t believe you” heckler? I’m not sure that she completely understands what happens at a standup comedy show. It’s not a conference or a briefing which is primarily based on facts and research. Maybe she would have preferred if I pulled up a Powerpoint slide deck and bullet pointed my punch lines to clarify things a bit. Ridiculous.

Last night was the Montreal Just For Laughs audition at the DC Improv as well. It was nice to catch up with some old friends that I don’t see too often anymore. I didn’t see all the comics perform because the room was packed and daddy gets uncomfortable when he’s smashed up against other people. So, I just kind of popped in and out of the showroom until my time slot. Each comic performed 5 minutes of comedy which can been tough because that’s no a lot of time to build up the energy of the room. So, it teaches you to get to the point quickly and find the funny as fast as possible. I did get to see Mike Way perform because he went right before me and as usual, he was great.

I remember when I first started doing standup, the comedy scene was so competitive and at times this annoyed me. In my opinion, competition can be a good thing in that it motivates you to continue writing and challenging yourself on stage. But, I also thing it can stunt your evolution because you find yourself being too affected by others performances. Last night was pretty awesome in that the show didn’t seem like a competition, just a bunch of comics hanging out and having fun together. I believe the word I’m looking for is camaraderie.

I’ve got a couple of weeks off for the holidays and then I’ll be back onstage at Magooby’s Joke House on January 13-14. Happy Holidays, eggnog face!




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