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28 11 2011

I just checked my stats and I’m averaging well over 5 hits per day on my fancy new website. So….either mom has some time on her  hands or I’ve acquired several new fans. Either way, sorry for being MIA for the past month but daddy’s been busy. I made my annual trek to Ohio to engage in warfare and as you can see, this guy won. It was a fun trip and I got to hang out with some hunting buddies and partake in some overall redneckery. I love it so much.

The drive to Ohio is actually pretty interesting. I’ve made quite a few trips to the midwest  over the years for various reasons so I certainly have my opinions on which states are “interesting to the eye.” Here is my assessment, starting with Maryland:

  • Western Maryland – I typically always take the western Maryland path to head west and I always look forward to it. Washington and Garrett counties are awesome. Beautiful. Many Marylanders will say the eastern shore is the most beautiful part of the state and they would be wrong. I’ve been to both places many times and yes, the eastern shore has its charm but western Maryland is better.
  • Pennsylvania – Ahhh my  home state. I love her so much. Sometimes I’ll dip into southern PA to take the turnpike out west. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what part of PA you are driving in, its great everywhere…especially in the fall.
  • Michigan – I’ve made many a trip through MI and it’s always  underwhelming. What do I think when Michigan is mentioned in conversation? Hmmmm…..let’s see; ridiculous amounts of snow, lots of ugly trees, terrible casinos, and poor road conditions. Yup, that pretty much covers it.
  • Ohio – I’ve been to Northern Ohio, Central Ohio, and South Ohio and they could pretty much be three different states. They look different, they feel different, and they smell different. Southern Ohio is pretty Kentucky and is by far the scariest. It’s also where I go hunting. I also love it. However, I’m not a big fan of driving through the state…not very interesting or pretty.
  • West Virginia – I almost forgot about this jewel. Much of West Virginia  is exceptionally scary…particularly southern WV. That being said, I’m a big fan. The roads are treacherous and poorly maintained, they have scary buildings that look like sheds until you realize people live there, there are beautiful mountain ridges and dirty coal mines….basically, there is much to keep you occupied. Unlike….
  • Illinois – I haven’t been through this snooze fest as much as the others mentioned but I will say this, southern Illinois is by far the most boring place to drive. There is nothing to look at, the road never changes, and it lasts forever. Not a fan.

I could head further south but then I would be discussing the south. I could go further west but that would require more typing and I’m pretty sure  you already stopped reading this. Yes, you guessed it…I’ve run out of material.

So, here’s what’s coming up; I’m at the DC Improv Dec 8-11, featuring for Alonzo Bodden. Very excited. I’m also performing on Sunday, December 18th at the DC Improv Lounge on the Montreal Just for Laughs audition. I’ve done this 2 or 3 other times and its always a lot of fun. Finally, I’m performing at Kloby’s Steakhouse this Wednesday. I know what you’re thinking, “Steak and comedy? That sounds awkward.” Well, that’s exactly what I’m thinking too. But, you know what…I’m not scurrred and I’ll be there screaming at tables, “look what I can do, look what I can do, please pay attention to me!” So, bring it, Kloby’s! If that’s even your real name.

Check out the schedule page for more details on the shows. Ok, cool.




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