We talked, we laughed, we took pictures….

24 08 2011

I just wrapped up a weekend of shows at the DC Improv. The headliner this week was Dov Davidoff who is hilarious and as humble and gracious as any comic I’ve ever worked with. His style is unique and he has incredible comedic range as his jokes vary from silly to insightful. I enjoyed watching him perform.

I had fun on every show and even had a few co-workers come out. In fact, my superivor showed up on Friday with his lovely wife to see me in action. I am always extremely cautious about co-workers coming to shows, not because I’m afraid of bombing in front of them, but because I’m always afraid of being judged. I don’t care if strangers judge me but co-workers….yes. Outside of being a stripper, I can’t really think of too many occupations where a person is completely exposed in front of a crowd of people who are fixated on them. I realize I just compared stand up comedy to stripping but I’m standing by the analogy. I think my co-workers had fun and it was cool to see them.

I also saw an old acquaintance on the Sunday show. Jim Rossell and his girlfriend drove over 2 hours to see Dov and just happened to recognize me from high school. I’ll be honest, I would have never recognized him because it had been 18 years since we last saw each other and my memory is pretty much horrible. Nevertheless, there we are, from left: Jim, Dov, Jim’s gf, and yours truly with my giant bright face.

I’ve got a pretty busy fall planned so I don’t have a ton of shows scheduled but I have added some local stuff. Its been a busy August and I’m glad for a little break. A lot of comics “need” to be onstage and feel weird if they haven’t been onstage in more than a week, I am not one of those comics; I probably start getting anxious around week three. So, I’m taking this weekend off from comedy to hang out with the wife and by hang out, I mean perform home improvement projects. This weekend….lighting. Apparently, we need to update our lights which is kind of like replacing a working refrigerator. Yes, it still keeps your food cold but it just doesn’t look nice. Yes, our current lights are effective at lighting the room but they don’t look “nice.” I’m actually looking forward to it…nothing makes this guy feel like more of a dude than when I install something.

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