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17 08 2011

I finished up a great week at Magooby’s Joke House with Godfrey (see the jacked black dude to the left). Godfrey is hilarious and is a lover of 70’s martial arts movies, as am I. I promise you we did not coordinate t-shirts but seriously, how awesome is this picture? Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. It gets no better.

Magooby’s has become a great comedy club and I really can’t say enough good things about their ownership. They literally built Magooby’s from nothing during our country’s financial crisis and they are not just surviving…they are thriving. All four shows were packed this weekend and the crowds were great.

I’ll be at the DC Improv beginning this Thursday, August 18th through Sunday the 21st; that will make 16 shows in 19 days. Some comics do 16 shows in a week…I am not one of those guys. Plus I still have a day job so needless to say, daddy is a bit tired. I’m also getting really tired of my jokes and desperately need to work on some new stuff. Regardless, I’m really excited to be back a the Improv because it is such a great club plus I’m friends with most of the staff.

I feel like this blog was somewhat informative but extremely boring. Good talk.




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